We spent Christmas with my family this year and we were so lucky to see all of my siblings! Nikolai didn't really get the whole presents shindig but he really enjoyed hanging out all the presents!

One of my favorite things about Jesse is that he's really easy to surprise and he makes great surprised faces:


I mean really. He is superb. 

We got a really fun game for Christmas (Betrayal at the house on the hill!) and had a blast roping in all our family members to play it with us. 

I love Megan and Garett in these two photos. Look at those happy dances!

This year I offered to make Christmas dinner for my mom (cause she's not a huge fan of cooking) and it was great! It was actually really fun to cook for that many people (I boiled so many potatoes!) and it ended up being really tasty. 

While we were there, my dad had the fun idea for us to ornaments as a family so we'd all have something to remember the holiday by. Megan and I came up with some salt-dough ornaments which we cut out with cookie cutters and painted, and it was awesome!

The results:

Thanks for the suggestion, dad! I'm going to love putting these on my tree next year and remembering the great time we had together :D

While we were home, we also met my brand new niece, Evelyn! She's Albert's new baby and boy, was she darling!

Of course a Sebright family get together would not be complete without putting together a puzzle:

Random funny picture: One night, when everyone was there, my parents slept on the couches in the family room so that everyone would have enough space to sleep.  We were staying up late that night watching a movie and doing the puzzle and they both fell asleep waiting for us to vacate their sleeping quarters :D

One last snapshot from that Christmas trip: Aunt Megan taught Nikolai to wink! 



ivrcti said…
My favorite part of Christmas was Jesse and Nikolai handing out the presents. It was beautiful!

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