2013 memories

A couple of years ago, I stumbled across the idea to keep a memory jar, in which you deposit little tidbits of happy or funny memories from the year. 

I didn't take a picture of our jar this year, but here's our stash from last year to show you what it looks like:

At the end of the year (or midway through January of the next...) we open the jar and read all the memories. It's a fun glimpse at some silly/happy things we have usually forgotten about and we always have a fun time. 

Some highlights from 2013:

December 1st
Upon discussing John 1:3 for our scripture study ("and without him was not anything made that was made"), Jesse said, 

"Ain't nothin' made that he don't make--that's what that means."

November 16th

Nikolai found the wii remote and figured out how to start the next episode of Daniel Tiger. Pleased, he turned and said "I di-i!" (I did it)

April 15th

A conversation between Jesse and me:

Catherine: I think cookies are my comfort food.

Jesse: Good thing you're good at making them then!

Catherine: Wait...maybe cookies are my favorite food!

December 5th

Jesse is bringing Nikolai down the stairs. Niko is fussing because he wants to brush his teeth.

Jesse: No, it's not time for that. We brush teeth at bedtime. Do you want to go to bed?

Niko: No!

Jesse: Ok, let's go play then. Do you want to play?

Niko: No!

Jesse: Well, those are your two choices, so...

(there's a pause as they size each other up)

Jesse (dramatically): Do you want to rule the world tonight, then?

Niko: 'Kay...

February 14th

Jesse brought me Valentine's day flowers 

Catherine: I like lilies. They're pretty.

Jesse: Yeah, they're like orchids but less aggressive. 

Catherine: Lilies are like, "Hey, I'm pretty!"

Jesse: And orchids are like "All shall love me and despair!"

Here's to another great and happy year :D


Anna said…
Love the last one! I had orchids in my wedding bouquet. :)
Maren said…
I remember seeing this jar on your shelf and wondering about it. What a good idea. I might just have to adopt this.
ivrcti said…
He wasn't supposed to tell you about the whole 'rule the world' thing. That was our little secret.....

Seriously, put these in an envelope, seal them up and tape them in the back of your journal. They are priceless!

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