Well, we're finally home from an awesome trip visiting our families so prepare yourself for a ridiculous deluge of posts and photos!  

Jesse had an incredibly long break from school (3 1/2 weeks!) so we flew home to spend time with all of our loved ones.  Luckily, the both flights and our layover went really well (there was no vomit so compared to the last flight with Niko this one rocked!). We wanted Nikolai to get his wiggles out during our short layover and thankfully he did not disappoint. The following collages and video are but a taste of his sweet rambunctiousness :D

Rolling around on the ground in public places because he is apparently being raised by wolves. 

Doing some yoga and jumping! Look at that air--he's like half an inch off the ground!!!

And finally, running laps around daddy to pass the time:


Maren said…
Love the airport antics. :-)

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