New Years in Rexburg

We were so lucky this year that we got to head up to Rexburg and see everyone in Jesse's family too!!! Everyone headed up for a few days and it was a blast to hang out with everybody :D

Outtakes from the annual family photo

(I love how the kids are running around and Dave and Juli just sit in the middle, totally relaxed and waiting patiently. Also, this is my one picture of sweet baby Norah, who we met for the first time this trip! We love you, Norah!)

The cousins especially had a really fun time. Nikolai LOVED his older cousins, Jack and Calvin and really had a blast playing with them and generally getting to hang out with older kids. 

Calvin was surprisingly game for playing with Nikolai (surprising because Calvin is more than a year older and talks way more than Nikolai) and Nikolai was tickled pink getting to play.  Here's a photo of them going "downtown" (according to Calvin) on Grandma Dolly's exercise bike:

And Calvin even played trains with Niko:

It was so nice to see everyone again and to all be in one place for the first time in awhile.  We really love you guys and hope to see you soon!!!


melissa said…
Calvin talks about going to Michigan and Niko/Jesse/Cafreyine all the time while he's playing. He had tons of fun. As did we. It was so good to see you guys!
julis said…
I love how Niko says "okay" even though he has no idea what Calvin just told him to do. I bet that happens a lot as they get older. :-) We loved sitting quietly while everyone ran around! That's pretty much a metaphor for the whole weekend, neh? But it is one of the blessings of being the grandma.
Kylie said…
We had a ton of fun seeing you guys, too! I was kicking myself for not taking a picture. Glad your holidays were fun!

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