Odgen Train Museum

Our last Saturday in Utah we decided to simultaneously spend some quality time with my folks and blow Nikolai's tiny train-obsessed mind, so we went to the Odgen Train museum!

It's built in the old train station and it was really cool!

I loved this topographical map. It showed the whole length of the transcontinental railroad and reminded me just how much work building that whole thing was! 

Nikolai, of course, mostly loved looking at the models :D

But he did enjoy climbing in an old caboose with grandma!

They had this great display showing different sections of track on the transcontinental railroad with historical significance and model trains that would come through along them.  Needless to say, that was Niko's favorite part :D 

Later, we got to go see in the shop out back where they're restoring a 100-year old steam engine to working condition. It was awesome!!!! Nikolai, of course, didn't get it and instead created a train inception. 

A train on a train on a train....

Above is the engine they're restoring. It will be so cool when it runs again! 

This was such a fun trip and we loved the excuse to spend quality time with my parents and uncle Jack.  Thanks for having us come visit you, and a HUGE "WE LOVE YOU!" to all the family and friends we got to see while we were in UT/ID. This was definitely the best trip we've ever taken and we love you all so much!


ivrcti said…
That was such a lovely little adventure. Nikolai's enthusiasm was so wonderfully infectious!
Anna said…
Gosh, can that baby be any more handsome?!

ps. I really really love you, so I'm doing the robot test to post this comment.
Catherine said…
Anna, I didn't realize I had that setting enabled! I hate hate those things so I've taken it off now. Hooray!
melissa said…
i've been meaning to do this with calvin. we should take them together next time!

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