Fall playing

Last week, the weather turned nippy (highs in the mid 40s) so I didn't really feel like taking Niko outside to play, but one day we finally braved  the chill and headed to a nearby playground! 

Nikolai had fun on the merry-go-round:

But mostly he played in the sand: 

I, on the other hand, spent some nice time marveling at the beauty around me.  
Being a slightly anxious person, I often get caught up in needing to be constantly doing something.  That day, I didn't bring a book, or my phone, or my tablet. Instead, I let myself just sit on the merry-go-round and relax.  It was so soothing, just spinning slowly around, and the foliage was heavenly.  It was nice, for once, to just be. It's probably not something I can do all the time, but this once, it was really, really nice. 

Then Nikolai and I sat and swung for a bit, until he was lulled into a sort of reverie (staring at a trash truck) in this sweet position:

What a lovely fall morning! 


ivrcti said…
Boy, I wish I could have been there with you!

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