NaNoWriMo update!

Guess what?!?! I'm still doing it!!!

I know, aren't you proud?  I'm not going to lie, though I'm not sure I love what I'm writing, I'm still pretty proud of myself.  I've actually found it's not that hard to write 1,667 words (give or take) every day (thank heavens for toddler naps!) though I must say that the rest of the house is clearly suffering because I've been spending so much time at the computer >.>  

But, as of yesterday I'm about 400 words ahead of schedule and I've written

22,054 words!!!!

It's more words than I've ever put down on one subject before, and I think that alone has been making me feel pretty cool.  Anyways, I've made it almost halfway through the month and I think I can keep going! Wish me luck! :D


ivrcti said…
I admire your level of commitment when you decide on a goal!

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