I'm still alive!

Sorry for the radio silence!  I've been writing feverishly over here, and unfortunately that means I haven't had much time to blog (or cook, or clean... ;D).  But we're still alive and well! The house is a bit ashambles but there's clean laundry today and dinner in the crock pot so things actually aren't too bad.

So I just wanted to throw in a brief NaNoWriMo update before the whole shabang is over! 

I've been in a great mode the past two days--I'm writing a really pivotal scene so I've been writing up a storm. At present I'm actually a full day ahead of schedule, which is definitely something I never thought would happen. 

So this is the stats page on the NaNoWriMo website.  It keeps track of my progress and I absolutely love it. Look at my little mountain of words down there.  Isn't that awesome?!?!

(note: you might have to click on it to see the whole thing)

I'm not going to lie, that silly little chart really helps me stay motivated! It tells me the word count I need to shoot for every day, and seeing my progress has been extremely satisfying. Also, I love how they break down all my stats on the left--it's been so helpful to know how much I need to write every day to stay on pace, and how much I've written that day. 

So I'm definitely going to finish! There's only 5 more days after today, but being a day ahead puts me in great shape :D  And I won't even have completed my novel by then! I actually haven't reached the real climax yet, so I think I'm going to try and keep up the pace through the beginning of December so I can get it all down. (that's good though--50,000 words is the target but it doesn't make for a very long book, so having more words in the end will be a good thing)

Anyways, that's my update! I should really go fold some laundry now so you'll probably have to wait awhile for some more cute Nikolai pictures.  Wish me luck as I finish this thing!


ivrcti said…
Wow, that is a lot of writing! When do we get to see it?

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