A few months ago, the leaves started changing and the air got cooler and all of the sudden I wanted to run! I primarily blame this urge on how beautiful my half marathon was last year--It was in September, down Big Cottonwood canyon, and the leaves had just changed but not yet fallen, and the whole thing was just amazing.  So this year, when the changing leaves reminded me of how much I loved running, Jesse and I decided to sign up for a 5k together to motivate us to run :D  And last weekend, we did it! 



We were actually pretty proud of our time.  I'm not a super fast runner but our miles per minute was just as fast as my half marathon, which was downhill, and this time Jesse was pushing the running stroller! So we felt like it was a good time for the conditions :D 

Also, I have to say that even though it was "just" 3 miles, those muffins afterwards tasted SO GOOD. Nikolai liked them too :) 

Yay! We did it! Now we just have to find a way to motivate ourselves to exercise through the winter... ;)


ivrcti said…
I love it! I wish I had joined you! I think mom and I are going to join the gym soon.
melissa said…
fun! this is the first year since calvin was born that i'm missing our town's turkey trot either 5k or 10k because i'll be in DC. kind of a bummer but...then again not really. :)
Catherine said…
whoa melissa what are you going to DC for? So exciting!!!

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