Silly Niko/Sweet Niko

Some tidbits of Niko silliness/sweetness:

The other day, Nikolai REALLY wanted to wear his tiger costume around the house.  And then he proceeded to climb in the fridge: 

Lately, Nikolai has desperately wanted to help/watch me cook, so I've started to oblige. Mostly, he stands on a chair and plays in the utensil drawer while I cook.  

Also, two notes about that picture up there: 1) Nikolai has his hand on his face because he's saying "cheese" and pretending to hold a camera up to his face and 2) Yes, that's my livingroom in the background there and yes, it is almost always that messy (at least when Niko is awake!!!)

Another silly: the other day, I came into the livingroom from doing something-or-other and discovered that Nikolai had put all of his trains (a substantial amount) into his shirt. 

It was basically the funniest thing ever. I laughed aloud. 

One more silly/sweet: The other day, I walked into the livingroom to discover that Nikolai had made some modern art from his blocks and dominos.  Not bad, huh?

And now, just a sweet Niko moment: On Sunday, Nikolai was a little sick (mostly just a runny nose, but we kept him home from church to avoid making the other tots sick all the same) and feeling a little sleepy/snuggly.  When it was getting towards nap time, he started to slow down and before I knew it, he had laid down on daddy on the couch:

So sweet! We love you, our Nikolai!!!


ivrcti said…
And do you know why he stuffed the trains into his shirt? Why, because his pants pockets aren't big enough anymore!!!
Unknown said…
The trains in his shirt made me burst out laughing to an embarrassingly loud degree.
Maren said…
You are so good about letting him be in the kitchen. I need to be more like you. Patrick taught R to put all his toys down his front. It cracks us up. Props to Niko for figuring it all out by himself! And R was home sick this Sunday too. Love when they conk out on dad, it's so sweet.

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