Cider Mill

I just realized today that although we've been to a cider mill every year for 3 years now, I have neglected to properly post about it! 

Nikolai was very excited to sit on the tractor, so much so that he summoned a dimple out of nowhere just for this photo:

For comparison, here he was 2 years ago on the same tractor:

We had a lot of fun this year feeding the animals. The goats were a little excitable for Niko at first but he soon warmed up to them.

They had a brand new kiddie train this year, which we obviously had to ride! Nikolai was very serious and quiet when we rode it but he keeps bringing up how much he liked it so I think it was a success.

Nikolai the ham *ba dum CHA!* put his face in that pig head with absolutely no suggestion from us:

And then some other kids joined him. Click on the picture to embiggen and look at the hilarious face he is making!

Our boy gets bigger all the time! Proof.

This year:


Last year:

We finished off the outing with cider and doughnuts. Jesse and I kept trying to take pictures but the kids were very intent on their doughnuts.

We didn't intend to give Miri any, but she has a very strong sense of injustice these days and demanded some. (See her little hand reaching up to Jesse down there!)

I'll leave you with snapshots of their sweet doughnutty faces:


melissa said…
that is fun. i love fall stuff like that.

and also--norah has eaten waaaaaay more cake/doughnuts/cookies/candy/ice cream/everything than calvin ever did at that age. lucky 2nd kids.

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