I hardly dare set this down in writing for fear of jinxing it, but I have exercised every week day for the last 3 weeks!  I have been an adult for 8 years now and I have never before done that. Having a consistent schedule because of work helps--before, I always struggled to make myself stick to a routine. Now, I just get up in the morning and put on my exercise clothes before I have time to think about it, and off I go!

Since Jesse leaves right away most mornings for school, I just do youtube pilates workouts that I can do in the living room. This is super convenient, though it also means that I get interrupted by Nikolai and climbed on by Miri:

Other than getting climbed on, I'd say it's going pretty well though!

Also, Nikolai has started doing silly stuff and telling us he's "exercising." 

(Ok, I don't think the above picture was of him "exercising," but he was definitely being silly!)


melissa said…
good for you! i have a hard time exercising with the kids around, because i want to FOCUS. ;) but it is cute when they "exercise" so i'm glad they see me do it. (not too much these days though.)

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