Miriam: 8 months

Our 8 month old baby is growing by leaps and bounds! 

Sleeping patterns: After several nights in a row of the kids waking each other up in the middle of the night and requiring much parental attention to get back to sleep (meaning we were zombie parents the next day), we've moved Miriam back to the living room at night. Does anyone have any advice about getting a baby and a toddler to share the room AND getting everyone to get some sleep at night? I'm not sure what to do.

Eating patterns: Breastmilk every 3-4 hours and a bottle of formula before bed, and solid foods for lunch and dinner. And by "solid" foods I mean actually solid foods, which leads me to...

New discoveries she made: Miriam decided just this last week that real people food is THE BEST. Just the other day, Jesse was trying to feed her a bottle while he ate a sandwich. When Miriam discovered that he was eating something awesome while she had boring old milk, she threw a fit until Jesse acquiesced and gave her some sandwich.  Her sense of injustice is strong!

Accomplishments: Pulling up to stand! This girl is growing so fast!

Places she went: The zoo, to soccer practice, to Josie's house, to church...basically she's the best tag-a-long baby ever.

Special memories: Smiling at anything and everything. This girl has an indomitably cheery spirit!


melissa said…
she is so cute! but not in a you say that about everyone's baby way. like really so cute. :)

yes, i have advice about the toddler and baby sleeping situation: build on an additional room or move! oh you can't???? shoooooot. because it is TERRIBLE. that's how calvin and norah were and it was frankly the worst. we moved norah down to the basement all alone...and then for a while into the laundry room because we didn't want her to turn into an icicle...but really, it was just not great all around. i'm very sorry. i'd send you one of our spare rooms if i could. xxoo and good luck.

(i am of the opinion that it's good for kids to share a room--and am looking forward to them sharing again after norah stops napping but i have decided that for (parental!) sleeping purposes our toddlers will get their own rooms.)
ivrcti said…
Getting a toddler and baby to sleep in the same room requires either magic or an old Irish solution that you're probably should not try.

I really, really love your blogs. Thanks for making me feel a tiny bit closer to where my heart is in Michigan.


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