Silly Niko/Smart Niko

I went in the kids' room to get him out of quiet time the other day and couldn't see him anywhere! Then I noticed him curled up in a cozy spot:

Last week Jesse set up a penny cleaning experiment for Nikolai (ok, it was for us too--I thought it was as cool as Niko did!):

He was pretty intrigued!

It's always awesome to introduce this kid to new things. Another new thing I'm trying hard to introduce him to is the idea of using observational powers.

This is an exchange that we have frequently, in nearly infinite variations:

Niko: Mom, may I have some juice please!*

Me: Thank you for asking so nicely! I would love to get you some juice as soon as I am done feeding Miriam.

Niko, 1 minute later: Mom! Juice!

Me: What did I tell you?

Niko: You said you'd get me juice!

Me: Yes, I said I'd get you juice after I finished feeding Miriam. Am I done feeding Miriam?

Niko: ...Yes?

Me: Use your powers of observation! Am I done feeding Miriam?

Niko: ...No.

Me: Right. So I'll get you juice when I'm done. 

(*Note: the above conversation only happens after a protracted conversation wherein Nikolai demands juice and I encourage him to ask nicely) 

Anyways, I'll let you know if this experiment works ;)


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