Miriam: 4 months

Miriam is such a jolly 4 month old, guys. Seriously, she's the best. 

Some stats:

Height: 24 in (44%)

Weight: 12 lbs 3 oz (17%)

Sleeping patterns: Up until a week ago, Miriam was sleeping pretty solidly through the night. Aaand then she started waking up around 5 am again, but won't go back to sleep with her pacifier or some early morning milk. I think she might be teething? Maybe? Basically I end up deciding that any sort of weird fussiness that I can't diagnose is teething, so we'll see if this is the real deal or if Miriam has just decided she really likes crying in the wee hours of the morning.

Eating habits: Same old same old! 

New discoveries she made: Nikolai is a silly brother and is super fun to watch and laugh at! (Seriously, watching her watch him is one of my favorite things lately. Yay siblings!)

Accomplishments: ROLLING OVER! Nikolai was a strange/wonderful baby and rolled over at 2 months, so we kind of thought Miriam was behind until we realized that he was a bit unusual. Anyways, Miriam was lying on the floor the other day and got onto her side, then proceeded to scream in frustration until POOF! She rolled over! Atta baby!

Places she went: To Utah to visit Grandma and Grandpa and all our loved ones! Other than that, we walked to a few parks and to the library on occasion (good exercise!).

(Ok, if I had any photoshop skills AT ALL I would edit the photo above to make it look like Miri was either A) cannonballing into a pool of water or B) karate kicking through the air like a ninja. Anyone have skills and want to help me out with this? ;D)

Special memories: Miri and I were sitting inside one day when Nikolai, playing outside, passed by the window. Miriam saw him and immediately waved her arms excitedly before promptly bursting into adorable baby giggles at the mere sight of her older brother.

You guys, two kids is the best :) 


Dave Stricklan said…
She is beautiful & you are SUCH a good momma!
ivrcti said…
Her cousin Joshua is just mastering the rolling over skill now too! Unfortunately, he only has one way down, so once he starts, he quickly gets stuck and then hollers for help!
melissa said…
she is adorable. also, have i told you both of my kids lots their sleeping wits at 4 months too? for no reason.

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