Family picnic

Over the weekend, all my siblings and their significant others came up to my parents' house. It was fantastic to be together with everyone!

On Saturday, we headed up Cottonwood Canyon, hoping for a hike, only to realize that some storms were passing through. 

After waiting out the worst of it in our cars (rain and hail, oh my!) we decided to nix the hike and just have a picnic instead. 

Gosh you guys, these people are so great! Sometimes I think of how much I love my siblings now that we're all grown, and I realize that I primarily want to have more kid(s) so that Niko and Miri can have that experience when they're older. Being siblings was fun when we were kids, but it's even better now!

Also, a big shout out to our parents for doing the hard business of raising us all so that we can be friends now :)


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