Love and cousins in Logan

After a few days with my parents, we drove up to Logan to have a short visit with Jesse's sister Melissa, his brother Andy, and their families. 

It was SO awesome to see them!

We've met Melissa's daughter Norah before but she was tiny then (maybe 5 months old) so it was really fun to see her again as a tiny little person. 

Norah and Miri are 1 1/2 years apart but they seemed to hit it off alright. 

"Bebe!" says Norah.

Calvin, Jack and Nikolai hit it off like we had always hoped they would. They all played together in the pool in the afternoon--Calvin and Jack loved splashing each other and getting splashed, and Calvin and Nikolai liked spraying water in the air. 

In the morning, Calvin and Niko were thick as thieves--running off to play together and telling me to leave when I came in. 

It was so awesome to see them get along so well, and definitely made us regret that we live so far away. 

By way of parting, we headed to a park to let the kids romp while we grown-ups (Is it weird that it's weird to call myself that, even though we have two kids?!) chatted. 

Andy is hairless so when Jack discovered Jesse's beard he was intrigued! Notice how his curiosity did in no way impede Jesse and Andy from their fervent conversation:

All of Juli and Dave's grandbabies, in one place:

Sibling love:

Cousin love:

Oh yeah, here's the awesome jacket Andy and I painted when he visited us in MI:

Sweet Norah:

Looking at these pictures makes me realize, yet again, that I partially married Jesse for his awesome family. These people are fantastic and I hope we see them again soon!


julis said…
Such a nice bunch of pictures! Thanks for being an awesome picture-taker-and-poster! I'm probably going to to steal a couple.
ivrcti said…
I just noticed Jesse's resemblence to Tchaikosvky. Compare his picture above to this one
melissa said…
I wish you guys lived closer. I would love to hang out with you more while our kids play as awesomely as I could every wish. It was great!

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