Real sick or pretend sick?

Nikolai has recently discovered cough drops, and thinks they're candy/medicine.

Here he is, asking for one that we took away from him, and accidentally calling it candy every time: 

While we're on the topic of being sick, I should mention that we had to take Miriam to the children's Emergency Room on Sunday. She had a low-ish fever, but at her age the on-call nurse at our doctor's office recommended we take her to the hospital to get it checked out. 2 catheters, 2 blood draws (they messed each one up the first time, because she's so small!) and 4 1/2 hours later, they said they couldn't find anything wrong with her and sent us home!

Also, in case you're wondering, having to take your child to the emergency room (even for something as moderate as this) is no fun at all. 


Maren said…
Growing upi never understood why kids ate cough drops like candy. They taste so gross to me! Sorry about Miriam, that really is no fun. :( We had our first ER experience last week so I can commiserate. Just so sad to do all that to such a small baby. Makes you feel helpless. Glad it was nothing though.
Meg N. said…
Oh dear! I'm glad to hear that Miriam is okay!

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