Miriam: 3 months

Yesterday our sweet M passed the three month mark!

You guys, this baby has totally captured our hearts. She is the sweetest little person we have ever met and we are totally smitten with her! 

Sleeping patterns: Aaand she's basically sleeping through the night now! She gets sleepy around 10-10:30 and doesn't wake up until 7. Seriously, we're living the baby dream here. It's ridiculous.

Eating habits: Same old same old!

New discoveries she made: She can smoosh things into her mouth, kinda sorta.

Accomplishments: Rolling over onto her side, sleeping through the night, and giggling! (the best!)

Places she went: Bird watching, the zoo, the ER, the doctor, various parks...it was a busy month for our little miss!

Special memories: Discovering that if I sing "BOB the builder! Can we fix it?" at her, she'll giggle for us! (Don't ask why I was singing the Bob the Builder theme song at all....) Anyhow, it was the best :)


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