Let's eat a Cassowary!

After our morning of birding, we headed to the zoo!  

It was a pretty normal zoo outing--we saw otters and zebras and elephants etc and loved it! 

At one point, we saw a Cassowary, which Jesse described to Nikolai as a "dinosaur bird."

It really is though:

So anyways, then we had a conversation that went something like this:

Nikolai: We go in and see the dinosaur?

Catherine: *being silly* No, we can't, because we don't want it to eat us or think we're going to eat it. 

Nikolai: *totally stone-faced* Let's eat it.

Jesse: What??

Catherine: Did you just say "Let's eat it"?

Nikolai: Yep.

And then he proceeded to be VERY sad when we told him we couldn't actually go in there and eat it. 

In closing, some pictures of our boy being cute: 

"Take a picture mama!"

"I'n a snake!"



ivrcti said…
I'm fascinated by Niko's comment about eating the bird. Since he isn't raised on a farm, I would have thought that the link between a living animal and dinner would be quite weak in his mind.
I'm delighted that you're exposing him to so many fun educational opportunities such as the zoo!

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