Spring sprung here a few weeks ago, which in Michigan means lots of alternating rain and sunshine. When the weather is nice, Nikolai has been chomping at the bit to get out and play! Miri still naps a lot, and sometimes I'm disinclined to move her so that I can go outside with Niko. As such, we've started letting him play outside (either right in front of or right behind our apartment) by himself.  

The jury's still out on if we're comfortable with this arrangement or not. On one, hand it's very convenient for him to be able to play outside by himself, and he gets a lot more outside time than he would if I always had to be out with him. On the other hand, while I feel our neighborhood is very safe, I'm still concerned about his safety. I'm right inside, and I come to the window every few minutes to peek out at him, but still.

Friends, what do you think? Is he too young, maybe? Conversely, how do you talk to your kids about stranger danger? Give me all your advice!


Maren said…
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Maren said…
My biggest worry would be getting reported by some overzealous person who sees a child outside alone. So much depends on the kid. I tend to be pretty trusting with R, but I have to stay close by the window when he's out back because at some point he will try to sneak out to the front/street area. You could sit on the steps so you can see him and hear Miriam, but if you're trying to be productive that doesn't help. Reading time? :) Where you are is such a quiet place, it's hard to imagine too much mischief. As for stranger danger, no ideas yet...so many things to think about as our littles get bigger.
Kylie said…
I don't let Walt out by himself, but our apartment opens out right into the parking lot (no grass at all), and we're close to a busy street, so I'm way too nervous. We have just recently started trying to talk to Walt about strangers, but it's such a fine line between scaring him about things beyond his control and teaching him to stay safe...Once in awhile I get the baby monitor and go out and play with him but mostly we just try to soak up outside time when the baby's awake.
Jill said…
Yeah I'm like Maren and am always more nervous about getting reported than something actually happening. I tend to be pretty trusting of others (which is maybe wrong). The steps is a great idea or a baby monitor. I got a super cheap one specifically to take outside with me and Bradley while Caleb naps.

I personally don't like talking to young kids about strangers. I just don't think they would fully understand. Kids naturally like others and I don't think that's bad. I have a friend who talks about that all the time with her kid and it bothers me because she says things like, "you can't go outside alone because someone might take you and then you'll never see me again"...to me that is way too much fear. I think at the small kid level it should just be simple, "stay where mommy can see you" type stuff.
Demarae said…
I'm with Jill on the stranger danger. And I let my kids play outside all the time. I keep the door and windows open so I can hear them. They need the sunshine and fresh air and it's just not always possible to spend as much time as you want playing outside with them. Don't feel guilty about it. You're doing good.
Anna said…
I struggle with helicopter parenting. I try to let my kids play alone as long as I can see them through a window. Usually, I'm out with them on the step or in a lawn chair.

Maybe I'm paranoid, but it's not worth the risk to me. If my kids got taken or molested I'm not sure if I could live with it. (okay, I'm definitely paranoid)

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