Time Out

Nikolai is really big on pretend play these days. This afternoon, I heard him playing a little scenario in which he told his teddy bear that he had to go to time out (likely inspired by his own time out this morning for saying the word "idiot" several times, even after I told him not to). 

I didn't think much of it, but later as I went out to check the mail I discovered his teddy bear, sitting obediently in Niko's normal time out spot:

Apparently all that role-playing wasn't enough to solidify the lesson though--Niko was put in time out not 30 minutes after my discovery for again saying that verboten word.


Maren said…
This three-year-old thing is interesting. They sure are getting good at pushing buttons! Sometimes when R can see he's upset me he'll get a big smile and say "time out?" and run to his corner. And the words they are picking up...such sponges. Reynold is fond of "butt" at the moment. I hope the teddy bear was sufficiently repentant after his punishment and behaves better in the future. :)
Kylie said…
At our house it's "stupid," but embarrassingly Walt catches me saying it almost as often as I catch him!
melissa said…
i'm pretty sure calvin doesn't even know what idiot means. good vocabulary, niko! ;)

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