Miriam: 2 months

Miriam is 2 months old today! Hooray hooray! 

Seriously, the last two months have gone so quickly! This is probably in part because she's baby #2, so we've done all this before and it's not so new/hard, in part because Jesse's been in the thick of finals which makes time seem crazy and fast, but also because she's an incredibly easygoing baby so time hasn't dragged ;)

I weighed Miriam today (clothes on, probably a wet diaper, so not an exact measurement) and she's at about 10.5 lbs--so a full 3 lbs heavier than at birth! Way to go baby! (Or should I say "Weigh to grow"? ;D)

Sleeping patterns: Miriam generally goes to sleep between 11 and 12 pm and doesn't wake up for a feeding until 4 or 5--meaning I get a nice 4 or 5 hour stretch of sleep! This has been incredibly helpful :) During the day, she usually naps about 1 hour out of every 3, though she usually has at least one nap during the day that is longer.  

Eating habits: Still breastfeeding every 2.5-3 hours!


New discoveries I made: Smiling is FUN! (And oh, how this has enriched our lives!!)

My accomplishments: Playing the "stick out your tongue" game with Daddy! (This game involves alternately sticking out ones tongue and smiling, and Miriam is the best at it!)

Places I went: Mostly just to church and to the library for story time!

Special Memories: There have been so many times in the past month where Nikolai has come up to say hi to Miriam and she's smiled at him lots and lots. He loves this, and it warms my heart to see them interacting so sweetly!

(Don't mind the bumps on Niko's noggin in the above photos...as our friend Jordan said, it looks like he got in a fight with gravity and lost!)

We love you Miriam! Keep on growing!


ivrcti said…
The picture of the two of them is wonderful!
melissa said…
she looks a lot like he looked, to me, except with darker hair? they are so cute together.

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