Super Niko

When Grandma Dolly came, she brought us the movie Big Hero 6. Nikolai spent the week after she left watching it twice a day, every day, and as such has become minorly obsessed with super heroes. 

Well, I've been wanting to sew him a cape for some time, and finally today my energy levels and Miriam's nap aligned and I sat down to sew! I found a great tutorial (here) so 45 minutes and $0 later (I hoard fabric so I already had everything I needed!) it was finished! 

Here's the final product: 

Niko also requested a cape for his dog so I whipped one up with the scraps:

Showing how the dog flies

I asked him to pose with his hands on his hips and this was what I got:

(Look at that little hip! So cute!)

Go go super Niko!


Maren said…
Oh gosh, that's so cute. Love that pose. I spent most of today sewing stuff for the new baby. I should make R something like that. But now I am too exhausted, haha.

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