Sibling love

Nikolai LOVES Miriam.

This is usually wonderful but also results in her sometimes getting her cheeks "lovingly" pinched and getting her hair messy with sloppy brother kisses.

For the most part, though, our boy is incredibly gentle (or "gench-el" as he says it) with his little sister. The first thing he says every morning is "Where the baby?" after which he runs to wherever she is and tells her hello. He often likes to play near her, even though she's not very good at playing back yet ;)

Miriam, for her part, really likes to be able to sit up and look around (and especially likes to watch Niko--he must be such a noisy, colorful, exciting blur to her!). When we sat her up in the chair the other day, Nikolai came to join her:

More sibling love: Jesse was holding both children the other night (while they watched the new Star Wars trailer together).

Niko sat there for a little bit, then slowly edged his face over so he could touch Miriam's face with his cheek:

(I don't blame him--her cheek is so nice and soft!)

It's so nice to see our babies loving each other!


julis said…
He's SO BIG next to her! i know this, but seeing the proof in the picture kills me. Plus, there's not a sweeter shot in the world than Niko cheek to cheek with his baby sister. Good camera work, mama.
melissa said…
Jesse looks skinny!

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