Miriam smiles!

A few weeks ago (around 4 weeks old) Miriam started smiling, but for the first while her smiles were rare and elusive so they were hard to catch on camera. But finally, we've caught some! (And they are as precious to us as the rare butterfly they remind us of).

In the first two pictures, she's smiling at Niko, who was just off-screen:

She loves smiling at Niko! And he loves it when she smiles at him!

Random anecdote: one morning Niko was upset about something or other, and nothing I said or did could convince him that things were going to be alright. Then, I noticed that Miriam was in a smiling mood so I said, "Hey Niko, Miriam wants to smile at you!" Distracted, he came over and looked at her. "Smile at her!" I said. He started smiling at her and she smiled in response, and before we knew it, his tears were gone! Miriam smiles for the win!

Below, Jesse coaxes some smiles out of our Miri dearie:

These were taken in the evening after Nikolai went to bed. Miriam goes to bed super late (11-12 pm every night!) which is sort of frustrating sometimes (I just want to go to bed!) but oftentimes it's nice to have some quiet moments with just her. We had a lot of time to enjoy sweet Niko when he was small, so it's nice to have some time to enjoy his sister all by her lonesome as well ;)

Miri (and Niko!) smiles make our world go round!


julis said…
Oh what a sweetheart! You got some good shots of her.

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