Gazebo Concert

Almost a week ago, we had our last concert of the season! This was a really fun one, held in a gazebo in the town square of Dexter. We played a lot of fun movie music like 007, Superman, My Fair Lady, Jurassic Park and the Sound of Music, interspersed with lots of John Philip Sousa classics. It was startlingly chilly that day (low 60s and windy!) so we bundled up and brought clothespins so our music wouldn't fly away. Other than my cold fingers, it went great! 

The little boys got to come for the first time, because it was outdoors and they could roam :)

From what Jesse says, Nikolai really liked it! Apparently he walked around looking at stuff and off and on pretending to conduct the music. 

Michelle and I were so energized afterward and we felt so proud of ourselves! 

A little shout out here to our menfolk for watching the boys for us for hours every week while we went to rehearsals: thanks! 

We're done for the summer (rehearsals start up again in September) but Michelle and I have decided to keep rehearsing together over the summer, to try and keep our skills up as well as refine our technique. As always, thanks, Michelle, for being such a good pal and helping me stay motivated to play! This last 6 months we've both realized how much we love playing the violin and having music be a part of our lives again, but having a friend as positive peer pressure has definitely helped. Yay!


ivrcti said…
I am so very glad you've taken that skill on into adult life! I am very proud of you! (And you still look like a little girl with your pigtails and proud as a button smile!)
julis said…
I love that you found an orchestra to play with, and a friend to motivate you! I've thought a couple of times about practicing my clarinet, but so far it's still a thought. You, on the other hand, you are a do-er. yay!
melissa said…
i think that is really neat.
Maren said…
Go you two! I love Dexter. Sure do miss hanging out with you ladies. Glad you found such a cool thing to do together!

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