So I have a black thumb. I really like plants, but I'm just really good at killing them (case in point: the herbs I started a few weeks ago, and the potted flowers Jesse got me for Mother's Day--both dead).  

But all the same, I've been wanting to plant some flowers in the patch of dirt in front of our apartment (because it was full of weeds and looked pretty scraggly) for awhile now. Dilemma! Luckily, I found some flowers for really cheap at the grocery store on Saturday ($.89 for a little package of 4 plants) and I thought that for $5 I can attempt not to kill the poor things for once and maybe have some pretty flowers to look at every day! 

Unfortunately, I didn't write down what all of these are called, so I can't tell you what they are...but I like them!

In the center is the miniature rose bush Jesse got me last year for my birthday. It sort of died last fall (because I kill plants) but it revived itself this spring and is making a comeback! (Note to self: always plant roses from now on. Even if I kill them they will maybe be ok!)

Sorry they all look wilty--I actually planted them the day before these photos were taken and they're still trying to recover from the shock of being transplanted, I think. 

In other plant news, there was a lot of dew on the grass the other day when Niko and I went a-wandering, and I thought it looked really lovely:

And, only tangentially related to this post: I found a ton of 5 leaf and 4 leaf clovers on Sunday, all in the same clover patch! 

Three 5 leaf clovers:

TEN 4 leaf clovers:

So lucky!


melissa said…
i'm pretty sure i've never seen a 5 leaf clover ever. you win!
Maren said…
I too am trying to overcome my black thumb this year. You must have lots of luck to find all those! :)

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