Plymouth Splash Pad

On Memorial Day, some folks from church were headed over to a sweet public park in Plymouth and invited us along! The highlight of the part is this awesome splashpad, with cold water shooting everywhere:

Nikolai thought the water was too cold, and didn't want to run through it (I think he'll feel differently when it's 95 in a few weeks!).

Instead, he spent most of the time splashing in areas where the water pooled.

The other awesome part of the park is this awesome wooden playground. This thing was massive! What you see in the picture below was maybe a quarter of the whole playground: 

Nikolai had an awesome time, running all over the place and finding these great little nooks to climb around in. 

This park was a definite win in our book and we're certainly going to go back many times this summer! 


ivrcti said…
I love it that you share all of these with us!
melissa said…
there's a cool park like that close to andy and monica's apartment! it even has a part that looks like a ship and the ground sways. pretty cool.

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