Little friends

Little boys like peanut butter muffins. I like peanut butter muffins too. 

These are some really cute little boys, guys. 

Once, when playing outside, I told them to hold hands so they'd stay together (we were walking back to the house and trying to get them both headed in the same direction is a lot like herding cats, so it seemed easier to keep them together). They didn't stay like this very long, but while they did it was SO CUTE!


ivrcti said…
I think you have the beginnings of a good bed time book here. Perhaps a snapfish project for mom?
melissa said…
what is up with these curlyheaded blondies?! him and jack both. (i'm obviously jealous. calvin has my exact hair, poor fool.)
Maren said…
How I wish R could still hang out with these boys! They are too adorable. The holding hands is just too cute. I can't believe both of their curly heads.

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