Din'saur 'seum

(The above is what Nikolai calls the University of Michigan's Natural History Museum)

Summer is really starting to kick in this week and we don't have AC, so lately we've been trying to escape the house as much as possible during the day. (Admittedly, the hottest it's been is 89 but that's already too hot for me!)

On Tuesday we rode the blue bus to the "Dinosaur Museum."  

Nikolai enjoyed playing in the 100 year old longboat upstairs, 

but his favorite part by far was the main room with all the dinosaurs! He walked around looking at all the fossils pointing out "fish, din'saur, din'saur, fish."

His favorite part was a smaller room off to the side with dioramas of life at different times millions of years ago. They were too high for him to see well so I carried him around to the different displays, where he continued his commentary of "it a din'saur, it a fish, fish." 

When we had gone around the room this way several times, he took one last look at an exhibit displaying massive crustaceans on the ancient ocean floor and said, "Fish....I wuv it" (followed by an almost imperceptible sigh of happiness).

Do you hear that, Papa (Grandpa Dave)? Your grandson loves Dinosaurs! You might get a paleontologist in the family yet :)


ivrcti said…
Does he recognize the skeletons as dinosaurs too?
julis said…
Bless him! Papa Dave will be so happy he won't be able to sleep for a week (nevermind that Papa Dave has insomnia, and regularly can't sleep, that would ruin my hyperbole). And bless you for taking him, and lifting him up!
melissa said…
haha. when we took calvin to the dino museum at thanksgiving point he said he was looking for REGULAR dinosaurs (not fakes). maybe he should have niko tell him how cool it can be despite the dinos being fake.

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