Messy Miri / Silly Niko

Unlike Niko was at this age, Miriam at almost-two is incredibly messy. Luckily, she's gotten pretty used to taking off her bib and walking straight to the bathroom to wash up after eating, so at least she's working with us ;)

Niko is pretty silly most days, and is really perfecting his pout: 

The time Miri is less messy is, surprisingly enough, when she is painting!

And I think it's fair to say that Niko's silliness is rubbing off on her:

Niko saw this picture yesterday and said "Why is there a bag on my head?" Buddy, I have no idea!

We got these sweet Pokemon masks for Christmas (thanks Megan!) and the kids are adorable in them:

One more messy Miri: covered in marker on her face! (It's a long story...)


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