An assorted collection of photos documenting normal life in our home: 

Exhibit A: Family Movie Night (every Friday night, usually with "Pop-corn! Yeah! Pop-corn!" -Miri)

Exhibit B: Washi tape and writing courtesy of Niko

Exhibit C: Miriam began sleeping in a big-kid bed, but wanting to sleep in Niko's instead of hers. 

Exhibit D: These two love each other and it melts my heart! 

Exhibit E: Niko has realized that he can include Miriam in imaginary play, so the other day they built a "castle" together behind the door in their room. Hooray!

Exhibit F: On Thurday nights, we knit. 

Exhibit G; Our house is almost always noisy. So noisy.

And finally, pictures from the picture stump! 


ivrcti said…
Have you taught Jesse to knit?
Megan Hamzawi said…
I recognize that washi tape! :D

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