Around Chisinau

In an effort to include more photos of the really interesting place we live, this post will be devoted primarily to photos of said city. 

Below is a monument to Moldovans who were forced to emigrate under the Stalin regime. Click on it to make it bigger--maybe you'll be able to see how the people are all pushing forward and twisting together. It's a really cool monument:

I know I've already posted about MallDova, but I have to bring it up at every chance I get because it is a pun and it is GREAT. Also, here's what some of the older buses here look like:

Ok, not a view of Chisinau but we got to see Rogue One last month (thanks for watching the kids, Vlada!!!) in and it was great!

This is a church we walk past a lot, and I love seeing its vibrant blue roofs. 

I can't remember what this statue is of anymore, but this is a pretty good photo of this really interesting square:

Jesse made a great face at the statue too:

Many businesses and schools make sure their sidewalks are shoveled, but other sidewalks don't seem to get shoveled. It has made trying to push a stroller interesting! 

Below are just photos of how cool Chisinau is in the snow: 

Outside our window is a huge tree (we're on the 6th floor) with big clumps of mistletoe growing in it. The other day a huge murder of crows alighted in it in the morning when the sun was coming up: 

Finally, last week Jesse and I got to go to the National Art Museum (sans children: thanks again, Vlada!!!) and it was really wonderful. 

The newly renovated building is stunning, and the collection of paintings by Moldovan artists (both recently, in the Soviet period and from the 1600s to 1900s) was impressive. 

It was a really great date and we hope to go again soon!


ivrcti said…
Was the star Wars movie dubbed in Russian, or did they just play it in English? I love the architecture both of the churches and the museum. we never seem to have anything that classy here.
Loïe said…
Lovely photos! I especially like the blue-roofed church. And the phrase "a murder of crows alighted." :)
melissa said…
Fun. I'm glad you've gotten to go out on a couple of dates.

Also, will your children please teach mine how to like each other? :( sad face.

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