Work: Eric Carle

The last two weeks, I've spent my storytime prep time putting together a spiderweb so that I can recreate an Eric Carle story (The Very Busy Spider) with puppets. 

The spider lands on a fence and makes her web there, ignoring other animals as they try to interrupt her. I made a fence out of cardboard and hot glued pins in so I can wrap thread around them to create the web.

The only drawback so far is that the pretty, shiny thread I'm using gets kinked up when I spool it up (a necessary feature so the spider can seem to be spinning the web) so I might need to switch to yarn. We'll see! Either way, it's been a really fun project.


Maren said…
It took me at least three years to be able to read that book to R without flinching. I prefer caterpillars. Don't they have shiny/metallic silver or gold thread? I feel like that's a real thing. Wish we could go to your story times!
julis said…
You are the best children's librarian ever!

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