Ice Skating

We found out sort of last minute last week (ok, 2 days in advance, but that qualifies as last minute in my book) that the graduate school was having free ice skating (skates included!) for grad students and their families. We've been hankering to take Niko skating all winter (some sort of intuition that he'd like it, maybe?) but it always seemed to hard to fit in the budget. Fortunately, FREE is always the right price so we went!

And, as we suspected, Niko LOVED it.

I think Nikolai spent about an hour on the ice, alternately pushing the ice support himself or holding on to it as we pushed him around the rink.

Normally when Niko tries new things, he gets nervous and sort of grumpy and often decides to stop before he's really gotten started. But this time, he didn't complain once! Sure, his little legs got tired from time to time, but we'd let him stop to rest and before we knew it, he'd be back at it again. He even pushed the blue skate support away from him a few times and tried to skate without it! And when he promptly landed on his behind, he just smiled and got up and tried again.

Now we have a reason to try and end up in a northern state--so this little guy can be a future hockey player/ice skater! ;)


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