Over spring break, we knew Jesse needed to get work done and I still had to work, but we really wanted to take take a short trip. So, we packed up the bags the night before and took off for Frankenmuth as soon as I got off work Wednesday, and came back before I had work Thursday! It was a wild ride but it was very good to get away.

The best part was that we went to an indoor water park that was highly recommended by some friends (it's a thing in the midwest, apparently). It's attached to a hotel and staying overnight automatically gets you tickets to the park the day before and the day after, so it ended up being a great deal.

Also, have we mentioned how much our kids love water? They LOVE it. We had a blast romping in splash areas, floating the lazy rivers, riding on water slides and warming up in the hot tub, and the kids slept all the way home :) 


ivrcti said…
This reminds me of all those wonderful car trips we took!

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