Spring has sprung?

Guys, it is sort of spring around here (though I hesitate to use the S word!!!) and it is glorious!! Two exclamation points!! We've been soaking up the sun (in upper 40 degree weather...you know) and living the high life.

Speaking of the high life, these two kids of ours are about as high as it gets.

Behold, Miriam eating her first pickle!

Yeah baby, that's about how I feel about it too :)

The kids had a great time at the zoo, with Nikolai going so far as to give his sister a kiss (gently!!):

They were just as mesmerized by the fish in the aquarium as I was.

Back to the outdoors: the boys (and the babies, when they're not napping) have been having a great time running around outside, playing with sticks and occasionally playing too rough with each other. 

The mud has been a great hit also (in case you were wondering, March in Michigan Means Mud):

And we went to a family night on campus, where the ever impatient Nikolai (I want milk! Now!) waited in line for 15 minutes to get this *dinosaur painted on his face:

*yes, I know it's a dragon--the line was long and I told the face painter to do the best she could with our request. I think it turned out great ;)


ivrcti said…
I love spring and I love that you're getting outside already! I wish I were there to play in the mud too!

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