March in Michigan means that some days, the weather is awesome (70 degrees on Easter Sunday?? Yes please!) but other days we feel winter's chilly fingers still gripping our ankles as we head out in the morning. It's hard to predict which days the cold will linger and which days it won't, so we've still been spending a considerable amount of time inside. That's ok though, because we've had some good times inside!

Our two rambunctious rascals love wrasslin':

We went to storytime at our local library (not my library). Nikolai loved the stories and Miriam loved dancing to the songs:

The hands on museum always makes for a great time. This is the first that time Miriam has really gotten into it too! (I don't have any pictures, but obviously she LOVED the water parts) She just kept coming back to this fire truck, climbing up on the seat and playing with the steering wheel. 

It's really hard to take a decent picture of Nikolai these days--he almost never makes a normal "smile" face. I do end up with a ton of goofy face pictures though!


melissa said…
Yes, the goofy face stage! Good thing their goofy faces are cute too.

We've been inside a lot too. Snow, snow, snow this week. But I think this is the last of least the last to stick.

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