An almost daily request from Nikolai is "You wanna wrassle?"

Often his request comes at 7:25 when we're just about to get him ready for bed, or when we're both feeling too lethargic to really give it a good go. But most of the time we try to acquiesce, even if it means a large portion of our wrestling is spent with the grownup lying/sitting on the ground while Nikolai charges at them (and sometimes shouts "why're lying down? You're not wrassling!!") 

Anyways, it almost always ends up being a fun silly way to end the day with our energetic boy.


melissa said…
Calvin wrestles with grandpa Ted and I can't even watch. I'm like "be gentle! don't kick! don't hurt grandpa!" I can't handle it. Ha!
ivrcti said…
This reminds me of all the wonderful time we spent wrestling as a family. So, have you started putting rules (like no snap kicks)?

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