Happy Birthday Miriam!

Our wonderful Miriam is one year old today! It is mind blowing to think that a year ago we had just met our vibrant little girl. She is an incredible little person and we are so glad she's part of our family. 

Sleeping & eating patterns: Same old same old! She goes to bed around 9 and naps twice a day, and drinks lots of milk and eats anything and everything we do.

New discoveries she made: Miriam is realizing quickly that if she wants a snack or toy that Nikolai isn't feeling inclined to share, she has to be quick! She'll run up to whatever he's playing with and quickly snatch whatever she wants before he can get mad. Clever girl! She's also discovered that playing peek-a-boo is THE BEST in any form (see below).

Accomplishments: Walking!!!!!

Places she went: I'm not sure we went anywhere special this month, but she was a trooper anytime we went anywhere.

Special Memories: Ohhh baby. There are so many special things Miriam has been doing! 

Exhibit A: Kisses!!

Miriam gives kisses ALL THE TIME. She usually kisses anything in her reach if she's in a good mood--knees, shoulders, heads, arms, faces. She'll give a kiss if we ask her too ("kiss kiss baby!") but most of the time she just does it because she's a sweet person.

She is also incredibly patient with kisses from her brother, most of which involve either grabbing her head and kissing it or pinning her in a corner for a kiss (we need to talk about consent!)

Exhibit B: Learning to be stubborn/angry!

I think I've mentioned this before, but Miri has definitely inherited the family stubbornness and need to control your anger. She often gets her hands on things that we don't want her to have (usually ink pens) and when we try to take them from her she gets SO MAD. Most of the time she exhibits this by crying and rolling around on the floor with great gusto (which often results in her bonking her head, which only exacerbates the situation) but the other day she was so mad that she looked me in the eye, frowned and head butted me! Twice!! I was astounded!

Exhibit C: "Wearing" things

Miriam loves grabbing random articles of clothing and wrapping them around herself (usually around her neck or on her head) and then walking around and grinning. It is ADORABLE. 

Hats, being the most easy to put on, are obviously a Miri favorite. They make her so happy, especially when she gets one on by herself! 

Finally, here's some 1 year old pictures of our awesome Miriam:

Our Miriam is sweet, patient, stubborn, tender, and all-around incredible. We love her so much!


Meg said…
Happy birthday to my darling niece! I'm quite proud of how big you are getting and all the fun things you can do.
Maren said…
She is so adorable. Happy birthday!
ivrcti said…
Happy Birthday Miriam! We are so glad you're part of our family!

melissa said…
Walking! Good job, Miri. And the baby downward facing dog is always a favorite. She's so very cute; I can't wait to see her again. Happy Birthday!
Kylie said…
I can't believe she is 1!!! Happy Birthday cute girl!

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