As I type this, it's 45 degrees outside so perhaps this is an ode to Winter passing us by. However, for the better part of this month it was either hovering in the 20s or in the single digits, so I think it's fair to say that winter really happened around here ;)

Winter in Michigan (as stated above) can be SO COLD but it is also incredibly beautiful! I have amassed some evidence for you, as seen below.

Exhibit A: We had some slightly warmer weather earlier in the month wherein the snow melted but then refroze again in little icy puddles in the grass:

I know, it doesn't look frozen, right? But it was!! I loved how the little clover leaves were perfectly visible under the ice. So lovely!

Nikolai had a fun time crunching the ice, which admittedly was very fun.

Exhibit B: Falling snow. Really though, a nice snowfall here is so incredible peaceful and it makes everything so quiet. I love it!

Exhibit C (the best for last): At about 7:40 on a clear morning, the sun rises low on the southern end of the horizon and fills the sky with a chorus of vibrant red and orange color. It is, by far, my favorite thing about this time of year.


melissa said…
i hope winter is passing by. how nice of you to point out nice things about it...that's more than i can do right now.

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