The kids

Well hello there! February has apparently been an incredibly busy month because I haven't blogged a single time!!! Oy! 

At the beginning of the month our library reopened after being closed for most of January for renovations, so that obviously made us busier. Jesse is in the throes of his LAST EVER SEMESTER OF SCHOOL and is working on writing his master's thesis, so that also takes up a lot of time. I also spent all of February working on applications for Master's of Library Science programs, which is exciting but took way more time and emotional energy than I expected. They are in now though! (Which means that I'm less busy but more anxious, as I try to not check the university websites every day to find out if I've been accepted...gack!) Finally, last week we managed to acquire the norovirus (aka stomach flu) that has been going around our town, so we spent the last few days in a nauseated stupor ("I've just sucked three days of your life away. How does that make you feel?")

In the time that hasn't been occupied with those things, we've been doing lots of normal things like going to the hands on museum, trying to keep the house more or less tidy, and taking care of our awesome small people. Obviously, our awesome small people are kind of the highlight of the whole affair. They are ridiculously sweet and silly and fun and are a great way to take the edge off of a stressful paper/application ;)

Without further ado, pictures of said awesome people:

Above: Eating a snack/lunch at the hands on museum. I can't remember now why Nikolai was making that silly face but I love it. Also our Miri is the cutest baby ever.

Below: Freddy is over at our house 2-3 times a week and him and Nikolai are basically cousins at this point. One day they were watching a show and ended up on the couch like this (shortly thereafter Nikolai said "I need some space" and moved, but it was cute while it lasted).

Above: Can you tell from this photo what a happy baby Miriam is? She is incredibly, almost absurdly happy. She brightens all of our days (including Nikolai's) and is becoming a fun playmate too (slowly but surely!)

Below: The cushions on the couch are almost always in some state of askew (as I type this one cushion is flopped over and 3 out of 4 pillows are on the floor) which for some reason drives me BONKERS, but one day the kids climbed on and around them and it was really cute, so that made me less grumpy (always a good thing).

Above: "Hey mama, wanna take a picture of my airplane?" Why yes, sweet creative child, yes I do. 

Below: Best hot cocoa mustache ever.


Kyra Moon said…
So cute! I totally hear you about the couch cushions. I used to think, "Oh, how cute! Forts!" and now I don't ever want them out of position.
melissa said…
good luck with your apps!!

calvin said "can i look at some more pictures of my cousins?"

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