Snowy Day

Winter gave us one last (maybe?) storm and it was delightful! Also, a doozy: we got somewhere in the ballpark of 8-10 inches in a 24-hour period!! As a result lots of schools in the area were canceled and I had a day off of work. We took advantage of the situation by going out to play.

Miriam liked the snow but didn't like how cold it was, I think. She sat and played for a little but pretty quickly wanted to get back in the baby carrier.

Nikolai, on the other hand, could have stayed out for hours (in fact he went back out later with a friend!)

And we went sledding!

Nikolai was a bit underwhelmed by sledding, but I'll win him over to its awesomeness one of these days.

Thanks for the great storm, Winter! We loved it!


ivrcti said…
Boy, this makes me miss sledding with you guys down or street in NC!

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