2015 Memories

(2014 memories here; 2013 here)

These memories come from the jar we keep on the shelf. Anytime something funny or happy happens, we write it down and stash it there. At the end of the year, we take an evening to eat something yummy and read through them (this year we made "puzzle" sugar cookies, that would have fit together like a puzzle had I used a sugar cookie recipe that didn't expand so much when baked. They tasted great though!).

As usual, most of them were said by Nikolai, because he is the funniest person in our home. 

24 January:

Catherine: I love you SO much!
Nikolai: *With a gleam in his eye* I not love you so much?
Catherine: Oh! Why?
Nikolai: *grinning* Because I'n a bad guy!

(side note: part of why I love these written memories so much is because I can see just how much Nikolai's language and personality have changed in a year!)

14 February:

(Trying to button closed Nikolai's pants)
Jesse: I'm sorry if that pinched you, bud. You might be getting too big for these pants.
Nikolai: Yeah. I use clothes from your drawers.

1 March: 

(Jesse and Nikolai are playing hide and seek)
Nikolai: (looking for Jesse) Hey our baby, you know where daddy is?

This memory is really special to me because it was the day we came back from the hospital after having Miriam. We were in the throes of newborn hard stuff and anxious about how Nikolai would react to sharing mom and dad. Jesse instigated this game of hide and seek to regain a sense of normalcy, and had been including Miriam in the game by asking her if she knew where Nikolai was. When Nikolai imitated him and asked her where daddy was, something in me relaxed, and I started to think that maybe the siblings thing would work out.

5 May: 

Nikolai: Mama, you'll play the train game with me? (talking about Ticket to Ride)
Catherine: Sure, we can play after dinner.
Nikolai: With Daddy?
Jesse: Sure, I'll play too.
Nikolai: And Miriam can WIGGLE a little bit!

12 May:

Nikolai: Am I big like you?
Jesse: Not yet. You're bigger than you used to be, but it'll be a long time before you're as big as me.
Nikolai: *pauses* Couple more days?

17 May:

(Jesse usually puts Nikolai to bed, but he was working on something this evening)

Catherine: If you're on a roll, I'd be happy to put Niko to bed.
Jesse: Yeah, I'll take you up on  that. 
Nikolai: I sink you said a wong word. You mean quiet time.

18 October:

Nikolai: Anytime is a good time to break open acorns together. 

10 November:

(At bedtime, something Nikolai puts off sleep by telling us "one last secret." This was one he told Jesse)
Nikolai: This year, you and me and Miriam should make a big big machine, a rektanglar machine, and it will spit out TOYS. So many TOYS. It will be the best present ever.

27 November: 

(after reading the story of the Good Samaritan)
Jesse: So Jesus is teaching us to try to take care of people.
Nikolai: Yeah! But I can't take care of too many people, because that would know me over! *flops on the ground*

2015 was really good to our family! We are definitely bringing our memory jar to Moldova and we're excited to see what 2016 memories we have :)


Maren said…
Every year I read your memories post and think, oh yeah, I wanted to start that this year. Ha. My favorite is the toy machine. That is hilarious. And you're right, you can see the language progression.

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