Our stay in Utah was fantastic! It was SO good to see my parents, Uncle Jack and all of my siblings, and I feel like we had some really quality times together.

The time difference was a little hard on Nikolai, making him tired early in the evening and awake early in the morning, but he adjusted pretty quick. 

One night before he adjusted, I went in to go to bed (we shared a bed) and found him asleep half on the bed and half on the couch next to the mattress. Obviously I moved him to a less back-aching position, but I had to take a picture first:

Nikolai picked up his friendship with Uncle Jack right where they left off, and they had a blast playing together. We even got some fresh snow while we were there, and Uncle Jack was awesome enough to take him out and build a "penguin house" (Niko's words) with him. 

They also spent hours playing with stickers, after which I found Uncle Jack literally covered head to toe in stickers. Bless your heart Uncle Jack, you're the best friend Nikolai could ask for :)

I LOVED getting to know my sister's son Joshua more! He's just 7 weeks older than Miriam but I hadn't seen him since he was 3 months old, so it was awesome to get to play with him. He and Miriam were wary of each other at first, but they eventually hit it off (which is for the best, because Megan and I are going to force them to be best friends whether they like it or not! So they may as well like it).

 My mom enjoyed getting to see some of her grandkids, and I sure loved seeing her with them.

More to come tomorrow!


melissa said…
ooh that little joshua is a cutie and has amazing hair.

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