Niko turned four!

Hooray hooray, our boy is four!

We've sort of been referring to Nikolai as for for about a month (we try really hard not to be *those people* who round their child's age up way in advance, but he really felt four for the past month) so it's nice to be able to finally call him four.

I think I need to do a little birthday interview with Nikolai to ask him his favorite things, etc and preserve some of who he is right now. Four seems like a really incredible age and I'm excited to see who he is becoming and really want to record some of that. I will do that soon and post that it some future date, but for now, I'm going to write ad nauseum about his birthday party.

Nikolai has been on a Star Wars kick for a month or two so I rolled with it and we had a Star Wars themed birthday party. Nikolai helped me color some star ships to hang from the ceiling (the rainbow Death Star below is one of his masterpieces) and I used painter's tape to make a hyperspace jump on the window. 

I wanted to make a few treats for the kids to munch before we played games, so I spread some colored frosting on pretzel rods to be light sabers (two purple ones for Mace Windu! You go Mace Windu!) and I just happened to find a Star Wars jello mold at the grocery store the day before, so I made a bunch of those too. Also, Nikolai LOVED them so that was a win.

Ok, I'm only including the next picture because Jesse's photo bomb is the best.

8 of Nikolai's friends were able to come, and we had a blast playing Star Wars Says (simon says but with things like "fly on Rey's speeder" and "walk like C3P0"), Hyperspace red light green light, and doing a Star Wars themed treasure hunt ("look for the next clue in a place where Han Solo might have a juice box (and definitely not shoot first)"). 

It was pretty chaotic, but I think it went really well!

I got a little ambitious and made an R2D2 cake! It's just cake mix and store bought frosting, but I made marshmallow fondant for the decorations. Oddly enough, because the shapes were so geometric it was actually super simple to cut out and put on the cake. I am incredible pleased with how it turned out! 

I made some cupcakes too, just in case we needed more cake, but they ended up being leftover. Mmmm!

And a blue stripe of cake in the middle:

 I had about 2 days to plan the party (in between when I got back from visiting my family in UT and Nikolai's birthday) but I'm really pleased with how things went. Most important, I think Nikolai LOVED having all his friends come over and having a fun time with them! Happy Birthday Nikolai!


Maren said…
Oh my gosh, he looks so much older. That cake looks awesome. Go you for doing a party full of preschoolers; I don't think I'm that brave haha. I've started saying that R is "almost four" because really, they hit a point where they are much more four than three. I am excited to see what four brings but it also feels like three is truly the end of their babyhood. Happy birthday, Niko!
julis said…
Such a good cake! Cake! mmmmmmmm You throw good parites. Go you!
melissa said…
yeah, your party (aka cake...but all of it...but mostly cake) is very impressive! four year olds are awesome, you're going to love it.

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