Miriam: 11 months

Our awesome Miriam is 11 months old today! Here are some things I want to remember about her:

Sleeping patterns: We've finally gotten to a semi-normal sleep routine! She naps twice a day, usually at 10 and 2 or so, though that varies, and she usually goes to bed at 8:30 and wakes up at 7:30 (though I suspect she'd sleep longer if she didn't share a room with Nikolai).

Eating patterns: This month Miriam breastfed for the last time and never looked back. Honestly, she's way less hungry and grumpy now that she gets enough food (formula), which is nice. She is still eating any and every grownup food she can get her hands on (which is a welcome change from her big brother, who says no to any and every grownup food he sees). 

New discoveries she made: Growling and wrestling! We wrestle with Nikolai a lot and Miriam LOVES joining in. When she does, she often gives a little growl to let us know she's playing, which is ADORABLE.

Accomplishments: ALMOST walking. Like really, she could be walking if she wanted to (and frequently does 4-5 steps at once just to taunt us ;D), she just doesn't feel like it. Also, she grew two perfect (and SHARP) little teeth!

Places she went: To Utah to surprise Grandma for her birthday! This little lass survived 5 flights and was incredibly behaved (for an 11 month old). 

Special Memories: Wrestling, stomping her feet when she's happy, and throwing her very first tantrums! The sweetest example is probably one evening when Jesse and Nikolai went downstairs to play legos (they have been banished to the basement because of my fear of babies choking), leaving Miriam and me upstairs. Miriam, upset to be left behind, crawled over to the basement door and sat next to it. She flailed her arms and yelled at the top of her lungs for a little while, then crawled over to the door and pounded on it with her tiny fists, shouting all sorts of baby nonsense about how mad she was to not be included in all the fun. It was adorable and terrifying, as we've realized she's inherited the same temper Jesse and I had as children. Uh oh! ;)

Yay Miriam!


melissa said…
she is CUTE.

other things:
1. you are a nice mom for banishing legos to the basement for fear of choking...i throw them away because they are ANNOYING. oops.

2. calvin stopped breastfeeding around 11 months too and it was awesome because i just skipped formula altogether and he too was just happy to be getting enough food.

3. i don't remember jesse having a bad temper as a kid. did he? probably not directed at me because i was an angelic sister.

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