No nap Niko

Lately, Nikolai has been asserting his independence by fiercely deciding to boycott his nap (despite his level of complete and total exhaustion that comes every day around 1 pm). He only naps a handful of days a week now (he's taking one of those rare naps right now, bless his heart) so I've been trying to balance 1) having less quiet get-stuff-done time in the afternoon and 2) dealing with a pretty crabby toddler in the evenings. We're still figuring out the new normal, but I think it'll be alright in the end. 

Anyways, when he has napped lately it's been more or less under duress (aka out of sheer exhaustion), so he's ended up in some unusual positions for sleep.

Exhibit A:

Where is he?! Not in his bed! Wait for iiiiiit........

in the rocking chair. Obviously! 

Exhibit B:

Crashed out on the couch while watching Wall-E! Please note, this is the child that has never, not once in his last 2 years of non-baby existence (I can't count the first year because, let's face it, the kid slept all the time!), fallen asleep during a tv show or movie. This is the level of tired we're talking about here!

Wish us luck as we try to acclimate to this new lack of sleep/productivity! :D


ivrcti said…
I found it useful to put on a TV show they like, then get them very comfortable in a chair (bring them a snack and a blanket). Then every couple of minutes, turn down the volume 1 notch at a time. It will finally get to the point the TV is sort of a familiar but faint buzz that can lull the unruly toddler into a doze. Good luck, this can be a trying time!
Maren said…
Oh how I miss nap time. He looks so cute in his sleep positions.

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