Happy Birthday Niko Part 1

We didn't have Nikolai's party on his actual birthday (his birthday was on a Friday this year, and I thought a Saturday morning would work better for our guests) but we still wanted to celebrate! It's sort of silly, but I actually gathered all the scraps from making Nikolai's volcano birthday cake (that you'll see in tomorrow's post!), put them in a pan and covered them with frosting so we'd have something to put candles on for his actual birthday. 

Counting the candles

Nikolai really got into the singing this year and sang with us!

Then we opened his birthday presents! 

In the midst of party planning, I had forgotten that we don't have any wrapping paper! Instead, we made Niko close/cover his eyes, then we'd bonk him gently on the head with his present before showing it to him. It actually wasn't a bad method, for a 3 year old :)

It was nice to have a quiet evening to celebrate our Niko boy!


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